Prenatal Yoga Offerings
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Pay-as-you-go $18 per class
5-class series* (good for 3 months) $75
10-class series* (good for 6 months) $120

*Class series may be used in any combination of the yoga and dance classes listed below.

Om Mommy Prenatal Yoga
Create the pregnancy you desire. Allow yourself to adapt gracefully to each phase of this momentous time in your life. This class will help you to find balance within all of the change occurs during this joyful time. Feel a proud sense of appreciation for your body. This sequence of postures is specifically designed to increase flexibility, strength, circulation and balance while minimizing common pregnancy symptoms such as excessive weight gain and back pain.

Find release from the stiff muscles in your neck, back, shoulders and legs. The yoga techniques explored in this class allow participants to nurture and open their bodies throughout every stage of pregnancy. A regular practice will also will help in ensuring easier labor, a smooth delivery, and a faster recovery. Come explore age old breathing techniques, asanas (postures), and mantras as we prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for a conscious awareness of childbirth and motherhood.

Mom & Baby Music and Yoga** with Mindy
Join Amazing Births and Mindy Galamaga as she guides your child through 60 minutes of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and story-telling.This is a very involved and hands-on class for infants and toddlers (up to 3 yrs old). Come and share this one-of-a-kind class with your friends and their children!

**This class is $20 per class or $60 for the month

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