I sought midwifery services to have as natural a childbirth as possible and to avoid an unnecessary c-section. After many hour long appointments of talking about nutrition, exercise, water births and great restaurants in the area, there I was having a home birth with Miriam and Michelle. I was suprised to find myself not at all afraid of giving birth outside of a hospital setting. In fact I felt quite comfortable in my home with my husband and two very skilled, experienced women. I rmember being in transition and having a contraction come on while my husband was in the kitchen. He wasn't there to hold my hand during this contraction. Miriam was the closest and she came over and placed her hand on my arm. It was the perfect amound of comfort and assurance. At 1am our baby was born and caught by my husband. A half hour later I was laying in my bed, placenta delivered, and breast-feeding my beautiful daughter. I remember thinking how I can't wait to have another.

Kyle D.

As a nervous first time pregnant mother, I switched care providers to Miriam in my seventh month of pregnancy because I wanted a midwife who was nurturing, knowledgeable, respectful of my wants and needs, available, and most importantly absolutely trustworth and reliable. I found all these things and more in Miriam Pearson-Martinez. I was not thrilled about switching care providers at that stage in my pregnancy but after the first home visit and initial check up with Miriam, I felt more comfortable, safe and cared for than I had throughout all the previous months of my pregnancy. Miriam really guided me and my husband through the process of pregnancy and birth. She went out of her way to inform and educate us about nutrition, healthy pregnancy, safe, comfortable labor and newborn care. Mornings, evenings and weekends, Miriam responded to our cconcerns in a timely, professional and loving manner. Even though I know Miriam was attending to other women in her practice during our process, I always felt that we were a priority and center of her attention and concern. Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to our regular visits with Miriam as the pregnancy progressed.

In the last six weeks of my pregnancy things got a little more complicated than expected, as some health issues (low platelets) sufaced and did not improve. Miriam was spectacular in helping us through this time. I required more monitoring than normal and regular blood work and Miriam coordinated her care and any outside care I needed with impeccable competency. One of the things I really appreciated about Miriam was how well connected and informed she was. She is an active part of the midwifery community and is therefore privy to a wealth of wisdom and expertise from her peers. THroughout our last minute health issues I felt completely confident that I was receiving the very best care.

In the end due to my increasingly low platelets and almost 42 weeks of gestation we ended up giving birth in a hospital with Miriam by our side. Although we found the hospital was a far cry from the comfortable, safe home birth we had wanted. Miriam was an amazing advocate for us in the hospital and having Miriam to support and guide us gave us a beautiful experience of birth. Our daughter Corina Evi was born healthy, naturally, and free from intervention. My husband and I are eternally grateful to Miriam for her sense of humor (did I mention that Miriam is hilarious) and for helping us to have an awesome birth in the face of the unexpected.

Miriam's care for us continued well after the birth of our daughter. In the days following birth, Miriam provided home visits to assist with newborn care and breast-feeding and gave us much needed assistance when we felt utterly bewildered or just plain tired. Even though our daughter is now almost two, we have called Miriam on occasion for experience with everything from weaning to sleep problems. As our experience illustrates, Miriam goes above and beyond for her clients and really, truly cares. My husband, myself, and our daughter, Corina, whole heartedly recommend Miriam and consider ourselves truly blessed to have had her by our side.

Rafaela D.

After much thought, research, and careful consideration, I chose to have my child with a midwife. I did not want to have any unnecessary interventions nor did I want to deliver my child in a hospital where someone would dictate to me what I could and could not do while in labor. Throughout my pregnancy when I informed family and friends that I would be having my child with a midwife, they would ask the inevitable questions, "Are you crazy? Why do you want to give birth without pain medication?" Not looking forward in the least bit to the "natural" portion of the process, I would inform them that if I wanted to stand on my head and spin in circles when I was in labor; I wanted the freedom to do so. I would not have such flexibility or freedom in a hospital setting.

When I finally went into labor, four days before my estimated due date, I did not choose to stand on my head and spin in circles. However, if I wanted to I'm sure that Miriam would have allowed me to do so as long as I did not harm myself or the baby. Miriam and her staff allowed me to have the freedome to labor and deliver as I chose. I chose to remain in the birthing tub for a majority of my labor and gave birth to my son in the tub where my husband caught him. Although I was given freedom and flexibility that I desired, I never felt alone throughout the entire process. Miriam was by my side throughout the entire labor and delivery encouraging, supporting, and guiding me. I couldn't speak more highly of Miriam's knowledge, expertise, and experience. Her medical background combined with her midwifery experience is a perfect combination that allows pregnancy and the birth process to take on its natural form; while still being aware of medical concerns and complications that may arise.

I could not have envisioned a better birthing experience. I do not have a horror story to share - thank god - instead I have a wonderful memory of giving birth to my son. My husband was a bit skeptical of the birth center/midwife approach is now a whole hearted fan and I often hear him telling others the story of catching our son as he came out. I also hear him tell people that he couldn't imagine a better way to have a child and how he couldn't imagine delivering a child in a hospital. He is such a fan/supporter of natural child birth that he has agreed that delivery of our next child will be at home. I look forward to Miriam being the midwife for the pregnancy of our next child.

Terri N.

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