Educational Class Offerings
Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education

Hypnobirthing is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. HypnoBirthing provides the missing link that allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.

Aromatherapy for Motherhood

Aromatherapy is a 4000 year old science, using pure extracts of plants to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Join us as we explore the benefits of using pure essential oils and hydrosols during labor and for the first year of your sweet babe's life. Each student will create an aromatherapy mist to take home. $40 per student (click here to register)

Understanding Waterbirth

Understanding the option of waterbirth. Waterbirth and laboring in the water are effective, evidence - based ways of increasing your comfort - and naturally decreasing labor pain by 50% according to studies.

  • Understand the science and the experience of waterbirth
  • Explore the practical considerations - the how's and why's
  • Obtain local resources (waterbirth friendly hospitals, birth centers and homebirth and tub rental options)
  • Ask questions and decide if waterbirth is right for you.

Join an experienced Midwife for this engaging and lively class exploring the ins and outs of waterbirth! $25 per couple (click here to register)

Comfort Measures For Labor

Learn how you can incorporate positioning, relaxation, visualization, massage, breathing, aromatherapy and acupressure into your pregnancy and birth experience. This is a great class for couples taking a basic childbirth education class, or couples wanting a refresher course for a second baby! The cost is $80 per couple and class size not to exceed 4 couples. Experience an "almost" private childbirth prep class!
(2-2.5 hr class) (click here to register).

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding should be natural and easy, right? Natural, absolutely. Easy, not always. Let's gather to work out the kinks of nursing before they occur. We will discuss common myths vs realities. We will get your breastfeeding experience off to a great start so that you can focus on enjoying this special bond with your precious baby. ~ $35 per couple (click here for schedule or to register)

Private Childbirth Classes

Sometimes it is not possible or desirable for a family to participate in a group childbirth education class. One of the options is private childbirth education. Our private childbirth education classes are also perfect for moms on bedrest. Our classes are based on several different approaches to childbirth. Our goal is to guide women and partners on their path as they explore their own way through labor and birth. Some of the topics that we will explore include:

  • What you have heard about labor and what that means for you
  • The stages and phases of labor
  • Medications and potential interventions
  • Labor coping strategies including breathing, relaxation, massage and position changes
  • 2nd stage of labor - birthing your baby!
  • Bonding with your newborn
  • How to avoid an unnecessary cesarean
  • Creating a list of birthing preferences
  • Community resources

*printed materials will be provided and class can be scheduled in your home or our studio. Call 561.455-2703

Infant Massage

Learn how to soothe your baby with infant massage. Massage can relax infants, calm colicky babies, help infants sleep longer and encourage bonding between parents and baby. We welcome 2 adults per baby... that means two more hands to "practice" on the little angel! (series of 4 classes).

$70 per couple (click here to register)

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