It's a boy!
Zayne Borcherds
7:15 am
5lbs 10oz
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Birth is a normal life process. Science has shown that through regular prenatal monitoring and screening most women will, without intervention, have a normal labor and birth process. It is of the utmost importance that the mother’s wants and needs be met with respect and compassion. It is our belief that the family should have an active role during pregnancy and birth. A blend of tradition, faith and science makes midwifery care safe, effective and empowering. We are here to assist you in having a beautiful and natural birth. Midwives are experts in normal childbirth. The focus of midwifery care is to promote a healthy pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn. By the time a woman who is cared for by a midwife goes into labor, she has had 9 months of comprehensive care in which she has learned about the processes of labor and birth and has come to a greater understanding of her own body. continue to read more

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